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Simon Normanton


Simon Normanton: Writer | Producer | Director | Cameraman

Simon Normanton is an executive producer/advisor and director/producer. He has made, or worked on, films of a wide variety of subjects and styles; character-driven people and wildlife; conservation and development; expedition and adventure, for many broadcasters; the BBC, Channel4, National Geographic, Discovery, WGBH, WNET, ZDF etc.; films that have been shown around the world.

Primarily a producer/director, Simon Normanton also works as a cameraman/recordist, often on remote or difficult or unpredictable projects, wildlife or people, with his own 4K/HD camera and sound equipment. He is as accustomed to working in the wilder corners of this earth – up the Amazon, in the Himalayas, at the North Pole, in the jungles, three miles below the Atlantic, in the Arabian desert – as he is in the city centre.

His primary experience as a director ensures that character development, story-line and the essential components of sequence-building are constantly in mind at all stages of filming.

He has recently been travelling extensively in SouthEast Asia and filming in Burma, in Palestine and with the Rendille in Northern Kenya.

He was invited to be on the jury of the French Wildlife Film Festival at Albert, Somme

He is a delegate at The Asian Side of the Doc’ in Bangkok in November 2016.


Simon will readily consider offering his services, at no charge for his time and equipment, to help film and promote conservation projects or development projects, or to explore issues, anywhere in the world; projects and issues that would otherwise not have access to the necessary funding.

If you think Simon Normanton might possibly be able to help dont hesitate to ask. If you don’t ask the answer is “he can’t”.


Simon has recently spent much time travelling and working in South and East Asia; in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Sarawak, Sabah etc.

He is attending The Asian Side of the Doc in Bangkok this November 2016. He plans to relocate to South East Asia in 2017, filming and exploring.

He looks forward to working with regional production companies and to offering his services to conservation and development NGOs, from Nepal to New Guinea, from Sarawak to Mongolia. He is ready to help broadcasters and production companies from outside the region, interested in working within it, to help research, expedite, facilitate or film.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In Pre-Production

In Kathmandu | After the Earthquake

Restoring the architectural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley

A proposal for a series of short instructional films illustrating best restoration practice and crafts; that could in turn lead to a film for broadcast that would also serve as a fund-raising tool.

inkathmandu_pdf_coverDownload the Proposal PDF to read offline: click here or click image


Recent projects:


The Lost Call

Produced, directed and filmed a significant proportion of this Lighthouse Films production for the RSPB.
Watch online: click here This film won an award at the Menigoute Film Festival in France.


Gilbert & Sullivan

Recorded sound, supplied HD equipment for and was second camera on Simon Butteriss’s, Capriol Films, 5-part Opera Series for Sky Arts. Cameraman Peter Eveson.


Running with Wolves

Worked with Richard Matthews, recording sound and supplying HD equipment, on this second film, shot in the Rockies and the Outer Islands, for ‘Off the Fence’/ Smithsonian. This film was nominated for an Emmy.


Walking the World – The Dingle Peninsula

Location director, cameraman and recordist on this 60-minuter for Discovery HD Theatre and Reader’s Digest through WestPark Pictures.
From a letter to Simon Normanton from Linda Romano, Executive Director Global Video Programming, Reader’s Digest
“…you created beautiful material for both the Discovery and Reader’s Digest programmes. Because our condensed version focuses on the scenic beauties of each destination we really benefited from your great eye for the ‘big picture’ and the gorgeous detail that makes each place memorable … with many thanks, Linda”.


Amazonia’s Mighty Jaws

Recordist, second cameraman, and HD equipment supplier on this exploration for the legendary black caiman of the Amazon swamps.
For National Geographic, through ‘Shake the Tree’ director and producer Caroline Brett. (Camera Barbara Tyack)
From Madeleine Carter International Commissioner at National Geographic “Dear All, I just watched the master – Bravo! The story, the writing, the amazing images, the interesting sound design…it all works together like a great symphony. I know this was a tough one but you’d never know it. Great work.”
From Sydney Suissa overseer of Domestic and International Channels, National Geographic. “This is a great show with all the elements of a classic, blue chip wildlife film… a real story told with lots of drama. Starting out with the night scenes of tagging a caiman* was a great way into the show. It’ll be a real treat to premiere this to the world. Well done. S.”
*shot by Simon Normanton


Walking the World – Kilimanjaro

Location Director, with some camerawork, on this 60-minute ascent of Kilimanjaro for Discovery and Readers Digest through WestPark Pictures. From a memo to producer, Jonathon Schutz, from The Discovery Executive Producer: “What a pleasure screening this episode. It is one of the best of the series, … I found it captivating throughout….. Bravo! My only complaint is that it needs to be cut down to time. Congratulations on a first-rate show!” David Gerber


The Nature Man – Gilbert White

Location director, sound recordist and occasional cameraman on this 60-minute search for the real Gilbert White, the 18th Century naturalist, presented by Michael Wood with Richard Mabey, for BBC4, through MayaVision, using Lighthouse HD and sound equipment.
Though hired as director-cameraman Simon Normanton thought it better on this particular film to direct and record sound, another doing the camerawork in the numerous multi-character sync sequences. He then shot some of the non-sync sequences.
“…..an affectionate. idyllic and gently enjoyable documentary…” Daily Telegraph
“Achingly beautiful shots of the English countryside” The Guardian
“A lovely programme, even for city mice!” The Independent


Searching for the Coast Wolves

Recordist and supplier/manager of HD equipment in this collaboration with the late Richard Matthews of ‘Wild Images’ for ZDF, through Matthey Film of Germany. A six week exploration throughthe outer islands of Western Canada’s Raincoast in search of the mysterious coast wolf and ghost bear. With the production company in Germany and Richard Matthews in South Africa, Simon Normanton was deeply involved in the expediting of the project.
From Richard Matthews on winning First Prize for the film at NaturVision; “thanks to Simon for being such a staunch ally and
such a dependable assistant and man of all jobs.”
This film also won a 2nd award at the festival, for ‘Best International Film’


Death Squeeze | Flying with Condors

Simon Normanton worked with Richard Matthews in a similar capacity on two further projects: ‘Death Squeeze’ a people and wildlife film for National Geographic – anacondas in Venezuela, constrictors in Puerto Rico and the Turks and Caicos; ‘Flying with Condors’, literally so, in the Argentine Andes, a BBC Natural World / ZDF production.
Simon Normanton also designed and produced pilot-controlled microlight cameras for this production.


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